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Menzerna Top Finish Machine Glaze 32 oz.

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Item Description:

Menzerna Top Finish Machine Glaze is a polishing glaze designed to create the appearance of a high-gloss, swirl-free finish without sacrificing too much paint. Menzerna Top Finish Machine Glaze has a very gentle cutting action which cleans the paint of any build-up while filling in deep defects for a quality result. Designed to be applied with either a dual-action or rotary polisher, Top Finish works quickly and wipes away with ease.

Some paint systems are just too thin to polish completely, whether because of age, previous polishing or poor application. This is where Menzerna Top Finish Machine Glaze goes to work, creating the appearance of a show-quality finish through the use of a light polishing action and durable filling agents. Menzerna Top Finish Machine Glaze can be topped with your favorite wax or paint sealant to lock in the shine for even longer lasting results.

Thanks to its innovative combination of polishing agents and fillers, Menzerna Top Finish Machine Glaze removes light swirl marks and scuffs while making deeper imperfections disappear. Whether you are working on a thin paint system or do not have the time to carry out a full and intensive paint correction, you can trust your vehicle's finish to Top Finish. For best results apply a coat of Menzerna Power Lock Paint Sealant or Menzerna Color Lock Carnauba Wax immediately afterwards to protect the finish lock in the shine.

32 oz.

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Menzerna Top Finish Machine Glaze 32 oz.