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Menzerna APO60 Sealing Wax

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Menzerna APO60 Sealing Wax is a liquid carnauba wax that will provide excellent paint surface protection in an easy to use formula. The addition of light polishing agents help to remove minor paint imperfections and old built up wax residue. Combining high-grade carnauba with a fine polish makes Menzerna APO60 ideal as a one-step product.
Menzerna Sealing Wax refines minor imperfections while leaving durable wax protection behind.
When used with a rotary or dual action polisher, Sealing Wax refines minor imperfections while leaving behind a durable layer of wax.


The warm gloss of a true carnauba wax is the perfect finale after paint correction. A true show car finish can also be achieved for automotive reconditioning centers, pre-owned and new car dealer prep facilities. Use after eliminating light scratches with PO91E Intensive Polish, Menzerna PO203S Power Finish, or Menzerna PO83 Super Intensive Polish for a cost effective and quick paint correction system.

Although all of our Professional Line automotive liquid polishes are silicone-free, Sealing Wax APO60 does enhance gloss with silicone and is not recommended for use in paint shops.

Use Menzerna APO60 Sealing wax to your meduim to light polishing or to maintain another wise flawless finish. Apply with a foam applicator by hand or machine to the entire car then remove with a soft microfiber cloth.

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Menzerna APO60 Sealing Wax