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Put the finishing touch on repaints and repairs!

Meguiars Unigrit Foam 6 Inch Finishing DiscsMeguiars Unigrit™ 6 Inch Finishing Discs will give you smooth, professional results on fresh paint and repairs. The foam-backed discs have precise, uniform abrasives to smooth out paint flawlessly and quickly.

Meguiars Unigrit™ 6 Inch Finishing Discs are made to work fast and leave a uniform finish. The grit particles leave an even sanding pattern that buffs out in seconds. The foam backing enables easier texture matching and scratch refinement. Each disc has just enough softness to conform to the curves of your vehicle.

Meguiars Unigrit™ 6 Inch Finishing Discs feature micro hook and loop fasteners for quick disc changes. For the best results, use them with Megiars Unigrit™ 6 Inch Foam Interface Pad on your dual action polisher or other 6 inch polishing tool.

Use Meguiars Unigrit™ 6 Inch Finishing Discs dampened with plain water. They are capable of refining sanding marks and removing moderate surface defects. Use finishing discs after using Meguiars Unigrit™ 6 Inch Sanding Discs to refine the paint prior to polishing.

Finish your repair or repaint with the professionals' choice: Meguiars Unigrit™ 6 Inch Finishing Discs.