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Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes

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Item Description:

High gloss protection for rubber and vinyl.

Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes with Scotchgard™ complete Meguiar's lineup of protectants with their highest gloss formula yet. All the shine and protection of Supreme Shine Spray has been packed into large lint-free wipes. Protecting your vehicle's rubber, plastic, and vinyl has never been easier.

3M Scotchgard™ – a brand you’ve trusted for years – is now available in Meguiars products since 3M’s acquisition of Meguiars. Two top manufacturers of surface care products have come together to give your vehicle outstanding protection!

Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes contain powerful UV blockers, enhanced by Scotchgard™, to guard against fading, cracking, and aging. The sun is your vehicle's worst enemy but this superior protectant keeps the sun's damaging rays from penetrating treated surfaces.

As added protection, Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes feature Scotchgard Protector - the first name in safeguarding materials. Rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces will maintain their clean, dressed look longer thanks to the soil and sun-defending power of Scotchgard!

Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes are convenient and effective. Just wipe on the protection and shine. Each canister contains 25 7 x 9 inch cotton blend wipes. The wipes also pick up the light dust that accumulates on the dashboard and other interior surfaces. When you're done, just throw out the wipe. There are no applicators to clean.

Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes are made with the same high quality formula found in Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Spray. Wipe on high gloss protection with Scotchgard with Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes!

25 wipes
Each wipe is 7 x 9 inches

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Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes