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Meguiars Professional Masking Tape - 2 inches (50 mm)

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Meguiars Professional Masking Tapes protect panel edges, plastics, and glass as you polish your vehicle with a buffer. Each high quality tape adheres instantly and holds tight to prevent bleed-through and peeling. Meguiars Professional Masking Tapes help you achieve clean, precise results with every detail.

Meguiars Professional Masking Tapes are designed to be used on fully cured, OEM auto paint. In fact, for a detailing setting these tapes stick better with less lift at the edges than painter's tape. This strong adhesion prevents buffer sling from creeping under the tape, and it keeps covered areas well-protected. Contact with the buffing pad is less likely to dislodge the tape.

Meguiars Professional Masking Tapes are solvent and moisture resistant in order to keep polishes from soaking through to the areas you're protecting.

As long as Meguiars Professional Masking Tapes are peeled off in a timely manner, such as at the end of your detail session, they will not leave a residue.

The 2 inch wide tape can be used to tape down towels to serve as barriers over larger areas of the vehicle. The tape is 60.1 yards (55 meters) in length.

To get professional results, tape off your vehicle using strong-sticking, solvent and moisture resistant Meguiars Professional Masking Tapes. Three sizes are available to suit any detailing job.

60.1 yards (55 meters) per roll.

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Meguiars Professional Masking Tape - 2 inches 50 mm