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Meguiars New Boat Owner’s Kit

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Item Description:

Meguiars New Boat Owner’s Kit

Clean, protect and maintain your boat in showroom-fresh condition with Meguiars!

It doesn’t matter if you just purchased a boat or if your boat’s already well-traveled; the Meguiars New Boat Owner’s Kit is an essential buy!

The New Boat Owner’s Kit is perfect for new boats or boats that are in like-new condition. Maintenance is easier than correction so maintain a like-new shine for as long as possible with these premium Meguiars products, all formulated just for fiberglass gelcoats.

Meguiars has been maintaining vehicle surfaces for over a century and they can provide the same great care for your boat.

The New Boat Owner’s Kit includes:

16 oz. Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wash
The first component in this kit is the Flagship Permium Marine Wash, a highly-concentrated, biodegradable formula that exploits the latest breakthroughs in marine cleaning technology. It’s characterized by rich, quality ingredients that produce lavish bubbles that last throughout the wash. Grease, grime, salt spray, boat scum, bird droppings and other fresh contaminants are easily lifted and rinsed away, keeping your boat looking sparkling clean. As you wash, the rich conditioning oils and brighteners in the formula enhance your boat’s appearance. Though tough on contaminants, it will not strip away any existing wax protection. Water sheets off the slick fiberglass, leaving a shiny and nearly dry boat.

16 oz. Meguiars Quik Clean Marine Mist & Wipe
If you’re familiar with car care, and you probably are, there are a lot of similarities between that and proper boat care. The marine industry’s answer to a quick detail spray is #52 Quick Clean Marine. When you return to port and treat your boat to a fresh water rinse, Quick Clean Marine is your solution to wiping away all the evidence of a great time—soda, beer and wine spills, fishing residue, and gunk tracked in from wet bare feet. Other fresh contaminants like salt spray, mineral deposits and boat scum are removed easily when you use this product regularly. It is intended for maintenance between thorough washes and waxings. Quick Clean also boosts shine and gloss to keep your boat looking as though it has just been detailed.

16 oz. Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wax
Your boat needs protection from the sun just like you do. Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Marine Wax is your boat’s long-lasting waterproof sun block, formulated especially for weathering the elements, withstanding harsh UV rays, and other potential damage exclusive to a marine environment. In addition to this armored protection that bonds exceedingly well with gel coat, Flagship Premium Marine Wax enhances the look of your craft, dramatically enhancing the color and enriching the shine. For older and hard-played vessels, Flagship’s cleaning properties remove natural dullness, light oxidation and light swirls in the gel coat.

Meguiars Hi-Tech Applicator Pad
Meguiars New Boat Owner’s Kit includes a hi-tech signature applicator pad to apply any liquid or paste product safely to your beloved boat. Ultra-soft, washable and reusable, it’s a great little tool to have around for all your boat maintenance jobs.

Meguiar’s makes enjoying your time on the high seas, winding rivers or placid lakes worry-free—knowing that all you need for appropriate upkeep is wrapped up in this one little, cost-effective kit!

Kit includes:
16 oz. Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wash
16 oz. Meguiars Quik Clean Marine Mist & Wipe
16 oz. Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wax
Meguiars Hi-Tech Applicator Pad

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Meguiars New Boat Owner’s Kit