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Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/Polish

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Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/Polish

Make clear plastics clear again!

Restore clear plastics with Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Polish. Cutting-edge advancements in micro-abrasive technology gently remove fine scratches, surface stains, contaminants and light oxidation. Polish motorcycle windscreens and helmet visors to a like-new clarity! Water-resistant polymers provide long-lasting protection.

Over time, plastics become oxidized as a result of UV exposure. The only way to restore cloudy plastics is to polish away the oxidized layer. Clear plastic will show any fine scratches, so Meguiars formulated a clear plastic polish with micro-abrasives. Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/Polish polishes without scratching, leaving clear plastics clear again!

Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/Polish also removes ground-in dirt and discoloration that contributes to the cloudy, yellow look of aged plastic. In just one step, this plastic cleaner and polish clarifies plastic to improve its appearance and your visibility.

Vital conditioning oils restore optical clarity, while highly water-resistant polymers provide long-lasting durable protection. Your motorcycle's windscreen, helmet visor, and plastic instrument panels will stay clearer longer.

Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/Polish is designed for uncoated plastics. Apply the plastic polish with a foam applicator. Rub thoroughly onto one section at a time. Wipe off residue with a clean microfiber towel.

Restore optical clarity to clear plastics with fast and effective Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/Polish.

6 oz.

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Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/Polish