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Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pack

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Item Description:

The Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pack is the fast and easy way to achieve professional results using a power drill. Many detailers and enthusiasts use expensive machines to apply a perfectly uniform coat of wax or paint sealant for the best shine. The Meguiars DA Power System turns your drill into a professional system forced rotation DA polisher. This is the same style of machine used by top detailers around the globe. Arm your Meguiars DA Power System with the Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pack to enjoy the same results in your own garage.

The Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pack includes Meguiars Ultimate Wax as well as a Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pad. Meguiars Ultimate Wax is a liquid paint sealant that uses advanced hydrophobic polymers to coat your paint with a durable protective coating. Ultimate Wax provides rich, clear and crisp reflections that dance across the paint. The Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pad uses a soft non-absorbent foam for perfectly even coats every time.

For the ultimate in shine polish the paint first using Meguiars DA Polishing Power Pack.

4 oz. Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax
4 inch Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pad

Meguiars DA Power System not included

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Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pack