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Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges

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Item Description:

Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges are specifically designed to be tough on bugs, but easy on paint. These double-sided foam and terry sponges effectively remove corrosive bugs and grime from your vehicle before any paint damage can occur. The unique formulation contained within each Bug Splatter Sponge loosens acidic bug remains so that they can be effortlessly wiped away. Each single-use pad fits comfortably in the hand to make the less-than-desirable task of cleaning bug guts off of your car more tolerable.

Many bug and tar cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage delicate finishes. Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges eliminate bugs and grime without damaging painted surfaces, so you can clean with confidence. Each disposable pad will quickly and completely clean the surface, and is ideal for use as a pre-wash treatment. The double-sided construction ensures the cleaning power for any surface on your vehicle.

To clean the bugs and grime off of your vehicle without damaging the paint, use Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges.

5 sponges per box

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Meguiars Bug Splatter Sponges