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Lexol Vinylex Quick-Wipes

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Item Description:

Vinylex is a patented liquid vinyl protectant specifically designed for use in the care and conservation of vinyl, rubber and plastic.

Its patented formula penetrates beneath the surface to:

Lift away dirt and grime

Fight discoloration

Prevent drying and cracking

Filter out harmful ultraviolet rays

Protect against weather damage

Vinylex is ideal for:

Vinyl tops

Plastic seats


Vinyl interiors and dashes

Vinyl luggage

Interior and exterior vinyl furniture

Marine fiberglass

Motor vehicle vinyl, rubber and plastic

How it works:

A patented Alkanolamine cleansing system lifts and cleans away dirt and grime. It also reduces browning and discoloring on tires.

A patented low-density silicone composition is designed to keep cracks from forming by combining two silicones of different molecular sizes: larger molecules to protect and beautify surfaces and smaller molecules to penetrate and revitalize underlying plasticizers.

A DH-60 UV sunscreen that filters out harmful ultraviolet rays, further protecting surfaces from dulling and cracking.


Clean one manageable section of the interior at a time. For example, with bucket seats, clean the seat back, and then move on to the seat cushion, and so forth.

1 Prepare surface by removing any caked mud or dirt with water, then dry with cloth.

2 Apply Vinylex using the Quick-Wipe clothes

3 For heavy spots and stains, including debris and tar, rub with cloth or applicator and wait a few moments.

4 Carefully wipe off remaining product.

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Lexol Vinylex Quick-Wipes