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Klasse ALL-IN-ONE Paint Cleaner & Polish, 33.8 oz.

33.8 oz. Bottle
Item#: KL-01-33   
Sale price: $34.99
16.9 oz. Bottle
Item#: KL-01   
Sale price: $24.99
10 oz. Bottle
Item#: KL-10   
Sale price: $16.99

Item Description:

Klasse All-In-One is an easy-to-use cleaner and synthetic car wax in one!

All-In-One is not a traditional wax or polymer sealant.   The exclusive German Klasse formula is a tough acrylic car wax formula that has stood the test of time. Many miracle products have come and gone, but Klasse car wax products are still going strong.

Klasse All-In-One quickly polishes away oxidation and light paint contamination leaving a deep, rich shine that lasts for months.   All-In-One is like clear armor for your car.   It bonds to the surface like a normal carnauba car wax, however, it does not change the paint in any way.   Klasse layers on top of the paint, building depth of shine and clarity for an ultra high gloss finish.

All-In-One contains special cleaners and a fine polish that quickly and easily removes old wax, road film, light oxidation and minor swirl marks.   It’s a premium one-step product that cleans, polishes and protects with very little effort.   Best of all, the finish lasts and lasts.   In most cases, two applications a year will keep your car protected and looking good.   Plus, Klasse does not contain silicones and it will not stain your car's vinyl and rubber.   Application could not be easier!

1 liter (33.8 oz). bottle.   Imported from Germany.

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Product Reviews

Klasse ALL-IN-ONE Paint Cleaner & Polish, 33.8 oz.
4.5 Stars based on 15 Review(s)
Milwaukee, WI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfection In A Bottle
May 15, 2016
Many vehicles of family and friends have been waxed with this product. Simply my favorite to use. Easy application. Easy removal. Lasts for months. Contacting plastics is never stressful, unlike some waxes.
From average to great condition paint, this product helps it sparkle. Silky smooth, beautiful shine. Sounds expensive, but a little goes a long ways.

New Haven Indiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Everyone nedds this
November 2, 2015
I have used Klasse AIO for several years now. It is the product to use when working on a vehicle that has not been maintained, makes a great starter, but is just as impressive when used to clean windshields and the like. Easy to apply, easy to remove, can't imagine not having it.

Chestertown, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
June 11, 2015
Use it on our Montana High Country RV. Makes it look brand new. Also on our vehicles. More consumers need to know about this product. We learned about it from another camper.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Klasse All-In-One
March 14, 2015
Great product that's relatively easy to use and lasts 6 months.
Ease of use and final results.

Canton OH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Klasse All In ONE
January 3, 2015
This is the best cleaner polish I have been using it for years.

SE Wisconsin
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Must Have
September 29, 2014
Best polish/wax that I have ever used. Delivers a superior shine and even livens up older vehicles. Quick and easy to apply. Would not use anything else!
Easy application and removal Deep, superior shine Finish is smooth as glass

Sacramento, California
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Klasse All-In-One Paint Cleaner & Polish
September 16, 2014
I could have given this product 5 stars, but there may be a superior product somewhere that I'm unaware of. It goes on and wipes off easily, and leaves a deep, glossy shine. You can apply multiple coats without signs of wax buildup (actually it's not wax-based, but acrylic). I've used it for several years on many cars, always satisfactorily. I reapply it every 3 -5 months to keep it looking at its best.
Ease of application, quality of shine.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Klasse is the Best!
April 23, 2014
Klasse All-In-One Sealant, is very easy to apply/ buff off, looks amazing, and all of my customers enjoy the shine/ 6 month protection! One of the Best sealants out there and I have tried many over the years. This product is a must have for the average enthusiast or professional detailer!
Excellent Shine Ease Of Use/ Low residue 33 oz bottle lasts forever!
No Cons

Maui, Hawaii
3 Stars

Do people rate this product high because they pay a lot for it?
April 17, 2014
I just started using this product because of a friend's recommendation. Here's what I see so far: decent cleaning ability, but not worth the price. I get a better clean from NUFinish on chrome and glass and paint. This comparison is based on results while cleaning waterspots off my motorcycle. What I ended up doing is clean all the waterspots with NUFinish, then applied Klasse (red) then applied the Gray to protect the finish.
Did not clean as well as cheaper products.

Litchfield, CT
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Klasse all in one
October 27, 2013
Klasse is easy to use, doesn't stick to plastic trim, I apply it in the Spring and the Fall and it protects great. Doesn't have a great shine, so I apply a glaze. I don't have a garage and I live in the the North East where liquid salt ruins everything. I have been using and promoting Klasse for 20 years. This is a product for people who want their cars to look good for ever.
Easy to use, leaves no residue on plastic trim, protects for 6 months.
just an OK shiner

David Chan
San Francisco
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Klass All-in-one
June 14, 2013
Great product , easy to use and this my favorite product for 38 years

St louis, MO.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Klasse All in 1
June 3, 2013
This works great! No matter if I am using it on my 38 year old Triumph or the new Mercedes.
Easy to use, works great.

Pittsburgh, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Outstanding product!
March 6, 2013
Easy to apply and wipe off. Longest lasting paint protection from a sealant I have used so far. Fast shipping and wonderful service from Autopia like always!
Excellent product that was easy to apply and durable.

Pittsburgh, Pa
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great as always
August 7, 2012
Easy on-Easy off. Wonderful results. Creates a great platform to be finished by your choice.
Ease of application.

Matt Ferguson
5 Stars

Great Product
May 3, 2011
Quickly cleaned up the chrome pieces, faded single stage on cars. Works great on windows too!