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Klasse ALL-IN-ONE Paint Cleaner & Polish, 16.9 oz.

16.9 oz. Bottle
Item#: KL-01   
Sale price: $24.99
10 oz. Bottle
Item#: KL-10   
Sale price: $14.99
33.8 oz. Bottle
Item#: KL-01-33   
Sale price: $34.99

Item Description:

Klasse All-In-One is an easy-to-use cleaner and synthetic car wax in one!

All-In-One is not a traditional wax or polymer sealant. The exclusive German Klasse formula is a tough acrylic car wax formula that has stood the test of time. Many miracle products have come and gone, but Klasse car wax products are still going strong.

Klasse All-In-One quickly polishes away oxidation and light paint contamination leaving a deep, rich shine that lasts for months. All-In-One is like clear armor for your car. It bonds to the surface like a normal carnauba car wax, however, it does not change the paint in any way. Klasse layers on top of the paint, building depth of shine and clarity for an ultra high gloss finish.

All-In-One contains special cleaners and a fine polish that quickly and easily removes old wax, road film, light oxidation and minor swirl marks. It’s a premium one-step product that cleans, polishes and protects with very little effort. Best of all, the finish lasts and lasts. In most cases, two applications a year will keep your car protected and looking good. Plus, Klasse does not contain silicones and it will not stain your car's vinyl and rubber. Application could not be easier!

16.9 oz. bottle. Imported from Germany.

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