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Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating 150 ml.

Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating 150 ml.
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Product Description

Give your paint great looking protection for up to two years!

Advanced nano sealant forms a semi-permanent coating

Provides extreme protection for painted surfaces

Long-lasting formula that resists surface scratching

Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating encases your paint in a hard, glass-like coating that offers up to two years of extreme paint protection. Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating has a deep, liquid-wet shine that radiates the appearance of a glossy carnauba wax, making it ideal for daily drivers and show cars alike. Take your paint to the gym and give it a rock-hard shine that will turn heads every where you go with Wolf's Chemicals “"Hard Body"” Nano Coating.

Ferrari Italia 458 Giallo wearing Hard Body Nano Coating.

Don't let this nano coating's good looks fool you, Hard Body serves up serious paint protection. This coating is made with nano-sized, glass-like solid matter that will crystallize when cured. Under a microscope, Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating will have an extremely fine surface topography (texture) similar to shark skin or a lotus plant. Surfaces treated with Hard Body will become Super Hydrophobic and extremely water repellent.

The intense water beading effect is just one of the many protective benefits. Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating is highly resistant to chemicals including most acids. Bird bombs and bug splatter will have a difficult time penetrating the durable protective shell. Even airborne pollutants, environmental fallout, and rail dust will have a hard time sticking and will wash away with ease. Because "Hard Body" works on the nano scale to create a tightly packed molecular shield, it has excellent UV protection which prevents sun damage.

It could be argued that a product that lasts up to two years and offers significant protection shouldn't look this good. Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating creates a deep yet glossy shine that radiates across your paint. The glass-like crystals create a smooth surface with maximum reflectivity. Because Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body Nano Coating is chemically resistant and can withstand abrasion, it will maintain its shine for years, not days, weeks, or months!

  1. Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly. Remove any rough feel or visible contamination using detailing clay or Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer
  2. Wolf's Chemicals "Hard Body" Nano Coating is a semi-permanent coating that can last two years. Remove any surface imperfections by machine polishing until you are satisfied with the finish. Any swirl marks, scratches, or scars will be coated over after application.
  3. Wipe the paintwork with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, CarPro Eraser or diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove any residues
  4. Apply Wolf's Hard Body Nano Coating with a clean cotton or foam applicator. For best results, apply in a criss-cross pattern to ensure uniform coverage.
  5. Allow to dry for 15 minutes, then remove with a clean microfiber towel.
  6. For maximum coverage, allow product to cure for 3 hours and then apply a second coat following steps 4 and 5.
Note: Do not apply in temperatures below 52 degrees F or to a hot surface in direct sunlight.

Maintenance: Wolf's Hard Body Nano Coating creates a slight surface texture that can only be detected under intense magnification. This slight texture is what gives Hard Body such amazing water and dirt repellency. Using soaps with gloss enhancers, regular detail sprays, or car waxes will coat over this texture and temporarily reduce "Hard Body"'s ability to resist water and shed dirt. For the best results, wash using Wolf's Chemicals Nano Shampoo or Wolf's Chemicals Mean Green Wash & Wipe. To reinvigorate the shine, use Wolf's Chemicals Nano Quick Detailer.

Technical Tip: For maximum bonding and flawless application lightly polish the paint with Wolf's Chemicals Shine & Seal Nano Sealing Polish. This fine polish will eliminate fine swirl marks and seal the paint with nano particles that form the perfect foundation for Wolf's Chemicals "Hard Body" Nano Paint Coating.

150 ml.
Made in Budapest, Hungry

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