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GTechniq T1 Tire & Trim 250 ml.

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Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim is a long-lasting tire and trim dressing that gives you ultimate control of the final look. Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim is based on nanotechnology for extreme durability, water repellency, and oil repellency. Your tires and trim will look better for longer. This tire dressing is Smart Surface Science for your exterior rubber pieces.

Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim is easy-to-apply. Thoroughly clean and dry tires first. Apply T1 Tire and Trim directly to a foam applicator and spread evenly onto tire and/or trim. Remove any excess product with a separate cloth. One coat will provide a satin sheen. If you desire a gloss finish, wait ten minutes and repeat the application steps.

Once your tires and trim pieces are protected with Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim you will notice they stay cleaner for longer. This is because Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim has been specially formulated to resist moisture and oil. The deep, dark look will not sling onto bodywork or wash away at the first sign of rain. Do not use Gtechniq T1 Tire and Trim on motorcycle or bicycle tires.

250 ml.

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GTechniq T1 Tire & Trim 250 ml.