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GTechniq C1.5 Silo Seal

100 ml.
250 ml.

Item Description:

Do not let Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal's easy application fool you. This is a cutting edge paint sealant infused with the latest in technology. C1.5 Silo Seal adds protection and gloss to your finish and it is perfect as a topper to Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer or as a stand-alone paint sealant. It provides up to 6 months of extreme protection in an easy-to-use spray and wipe application.

Gtechniq went into their bag of tricks when formulating Silo Seal. Silo Seal combines an amino function siloxane base with highly layer-able quartz. The chemical binders in Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal are extremely resistance to UV radiation and acids. The totally of these ingredients are a paint sealant that drys quickly and combines superior long, lasting gloss with maximum durability.

Gtechniq C1.5 is extremely versatile as well. C1.5 can be used as a stand-alone surface sealant or on top of C1 Crystal Lacquer to provide increased hydrophobic properties. This quartz based sealant is layer-able. Add additional applications for more protection and shine. Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal can be applied to all hard surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic trim, under the hood, and interior surfaces!

For best results apply C1.5 Silo Seal to bare paint or paint already protected with C1 Crystal lacquer. Mist onto the surface and lightly spread. Flip the towel over and buff off to a high-gloss, highly protected shine.

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GTechniq C1.5 Silo Seal