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GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish 500 ml.

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Item Description:

Take your paint to its highest potential!

Remove machine evidence of machine polishing

Creates a high-gloss finish without fine swirl marks

Does not contain wax, silicone, or fillers

Gtechniq P2 Jewelling Polish is your solution to imparting a swirl free finish on difficult paint systems. Some paints are difficult to polish. No matter how much you tweak your technique, change pads, and throw your fist into the air there can still be the faint evidence of previous machine polishing. These ultra-fine swirl marks that dance across your paint are called holograms. Gtechniq P2 Jewelling Polish eliminates these fine marks and leaves even the most delicate paint with a flawless finish.

Gtechniq's dedication to smart surface science is unmistakable each time you use P2 Jewelling Polish. This polish removes paint defects without the use of high-viscosity lubricating agents that could result in defect masking. Put simply, P2 removes faint defects, it does not hide them. More importantly, P2 Jewelling Polish is easy-to-use. Apply with a finishing pad on dual action or rotary polisher until the offending defects have been removed. Wipe clean with a soft microfiber towel. The result is a truly flawless finish.

The advanced abrasives in Gtechniq P2 Jewelling Polish not only remove fine paint defects, such as buffer marks, but they create a level surface that reflects light brilliantly. Use P2 on dark colors for maximum clarity and ultra-sharp reflections. Make achieving a flawless finish effortless with Gtechniq P2 Jewelling Polish.

500 ml.

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GTechniq P2 Jewelling Polish 500 ml.