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1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner

16.9 oz.
5 Liter
Item#: EIN-974015   

Item Description:

1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner makes wheel cleaning easier! This powerful wheel cleaner requires little-to-no scrubbing! It is safe for all wheel finishes. Formulated with German-bred technology, 1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner quickly cuts through heavy brake dust buildup with ease. ColourTec turns from clear to purple as it releases brake dust's hold on your wheels.

1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner was designed in Germany to remove the heavy accumulation of brake dust that German sports sedans are known for. Because many European sedans are outfitted with delicate or aftermarket wheels, ColourTec does not rely on heavy acid's or caustic detergents. 1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner provides immense cleaning power, yet is safe for anodized, polished aluminum, chrome, painted, and powder coated wheels (including matte finishes)! If it works on German brakes it will work great on any car!

As soon as you spray 1Z Einzett ColourTech Wheel Cleaner onto your wheel it goes to work. It quickly dissolves the iron content of the brake dust, releasing the dust's hold on your wheel. Gentle cleaners emulsify the remaining dirt and residue. 1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner's powerful action makes cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as behind the spokes or in the lug recesses easier. Allow 1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner to turn purple then rinse from the surface forcefully, revealing the clean wheel you deserve.

16.9 oz. (500 ml)
Made in Germany
1Z Einszett ColourTec Wheel Cleaner

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