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Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel

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Item Description:

Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel is Boosted by Polycharger™ for long lasting protection. If you want dark, crisp-looking tires, you want Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel!

Your paint, glass and wheels can be perfectly detailed, but if your tires are not dressed properly, your effort will be disappointing.

Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel is the secret to a stunning, perfectly dressed final finish. This rich tire gel dressing delivers a stunning satin, deep, dark finish, even on older tires. For full gloss tires, simply add a second coat!

Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel is a concentrated formula that applies evenly and is readily absorbed into the rubber sidewall. The penetrating ingredients work with the natural waxes in the rubber to block the harmful effects of UV radiation, brake dust, road grime and detergents. Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel prolongs the life of your tires, conditioning and revitalizing them for natural looking beauty.

Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel doesn't sling off! When applied properly, Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel stays on the tire and won't sling off on the side of your car. The durable formula is long-lasting too, lasting three to four times longer than spray on tire dressings.

Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel is safe for both car and environment! Formulated using water-based polymers, conditioning agents and a special glossers, this concentrated gel achieves unmatched results without relying on butyls, alcohols or petroleum distillates which cause rubber to dry and crack. Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel is 100% biodegradable and contains no environmentally hazardous chemicals or additives!

When applied regularly, Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel prolongs the life of your tires, maintaining a crisp, showroom luster. The concentrated formula is equivalent to four or five bottle of tire dressing spray and creates a finished unmatched by any spray available.

16 oz. bottle or 64 oz. bottle.

Made in the USA

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Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars
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Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel
April 29, 2013
Excellent product. Each application is long lasting and keeps your ties looking like new.
Long lasting application