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Four Star Ultimate Leather Cleaner Gel

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Item Description:

Ultimate Leather Cleaner Gel is a new technology cleaner that wipes away dirt and grime without dulling or discoloring your fine leather.

Most spray-on leather cleaners are contact cleaners that use harsh detergents to remove soil. Four Star Ultimate Leather Cleaner Gel is different. Ultimate Leather Cleaner Gel is a glycerin-rich, pH balanced cleaner that safely cleans all coated and uncoated leather upholstery and personal products, such as shoes, purses, belts, etc.

The thick, rich glycerin formula makes quick work of dirt, oils and light stains by surrounding and lifting the soil so it can be easily wiped away. Ultimate Leather Cleaner Gel evaporates and dries quickly, leaving a pristine finish that's ready for treatment with Ultimate Leather Conditioner.

Treat your leather right... treat it to Ultimate Leather Cleaner Gel and Ultimate Leather Conditioner!

18 oz.

Made in the USA

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Four Star Ultimate Leather Cleaner Gel