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Flitz Mag Wheel Restoration Kit

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Keeping uncoated metal wheels looking their best is difficult (at best). They are constantly attacked by the elements and loose their shine quickly. The FLITZ Mag Wheel Restoration Kit contains everything you need to turn your drill into a wheel polishing machine. This three piece kit can even be used on painted wheels to keep them looking their best for years to come.

The FLITZ Mag Wheel Restoration Kit includes:

FLITZ Large Bff Ball, 5 inches
The Original Bff Ball! The FLITZ large 5-inch Bff Ball fits any 3/8 drill or air tool. It is a great all-around size. Use the FLITZ large 5-inch Bff Ball on ALL surfaces. It quickly and safely buffs out brake dust, scuff marks, light scratches, oxidation, chalking, tarnish, pitting & corrosion. It is power-rated for speeds up to 2500 rpm. The FLITZ large 5-inch Bff Ball is self-cooling. It wont scorch or burn and will not tear like foam buffers when hitting sharp edges. There is no exposed ball hardware to scratch surfaces. Plus, the Ball is washable and reusable.

1.7 oz tube. FLITZ Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer
FLITZ Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer is FLITZ's signature product! This is the polish that launched FLITZ over 30 years ago. A concentrated cream, FLIZT Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer is unsurpassed in its ability to Clean, Polish, Deoxidize and Protect. Tough,durable protection; Non-abrasive formula; Non-toxic; Non-flammable;USDA authorized; Protects up to 6 months in fresh water; up to 3 months in salt water.

1.7 oz. FLITZ Wxx
A premium grade carnauba wax, FLITZ Wxx provides long lasting protection on clear coat, gel coat, lacquer, fiberglass, marine finishes, powder coatings, polyurethane, Plexiglass, and more. Apply it over your polished wheels to increase the shine and protect your work!