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Flex Professional Pad Washer

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FLEX introduces its own Pad Washer to work effectively and efficiently with all FLEX polishers. The FLEX Pad Washer will clean all your buffing pads, both foam and wool, in just minutes. Using the technology of the Grit Guard Insert and the Grit Guard Extension, the FLEX Pad Washer provides a portable self-contained system which keeps all the mess of cleaning pads inside the unit.

The process is simple, it extracts the contaminants in your buffing pads, forcing them below the surface of the Washer. Simply put your pad into the FLEX Pad Washer, while it is on your FLEX polisher. Turn your FLEX polisher on and the Grit Guard Insert will provide the surface to clean your pad. The splash guard on the FLEX Pad Washer will keep those contaninants and compounds inside the bucket so your work area will stay clean.

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Flex Professional Pad Washer