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Chemical Guys Extreme Shine Oil Based Dressing

Item #CG-TVD-105
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Long lasting, Liquid Extreme Shine Oil Base Dressing spray delivers the goods! Long-lasting protection and shine without the greasy mess! So you need a dressing with a very wet shine for your tires and you also want it to restore the trim making it beautiful and dark again......while lasting through the rain and maybe....a lot of sprinklers, but you want it to be non-greasy and you would like all that to be done by one product?

Liquid Extreme Shine Oil Base Dressing once worked into surface is dry to the touch and will not attract dust or dirt. A single application of Liquid Extreme Shine Oil Base Dressing protects cowlings, hard black plastics, rubber, and undercar parts from the damaging effects of the sun. Liquid Extreme Shine Oil Base Dressing keeps tires, rubber, hard plastics and undercarriages well lubricated and pliable preventing dry- rot, cracking, and pre-mature aging. Keep your tires, hard black plastics, bumper covers, undercarriages, and trim nice and black while delivering a premium coat of protection against the elements. A surface pre-treated with Liquid Extreme Shine Oil Base Dressing will reflect contamination and dirt making them easy to clean with a carwash shampoo.

16 oz

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