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Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner FREE BONUS

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Item Description:

The steam cleaner that is so hot, it's cool!

Chemical-free steam cleaner with unmatched versatility

Continuous use automatic refill system allows hours of cleaning

Use to clean engine compartments, carpet, upholstery and more

For a limited time receive a 40 cm Steam Mop and a Dupray Carrying Case with your purchase of the Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner! Retail value $263.00!

Whether you are a professional cleaner or a residential user, the Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner is built to impress! The Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner is a heavy-duty, rugged cleaning system packaged into a go-anywhere size. It features extremely high temperatures and a continuous use automatic refill system to save huge amounts of time, while delivering the very best in chemical-free cleaning.

TheSteam cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to detail a vehicle. Not only is steam cleaning “chemical free”, but it makes quick work of dirt, grime, grease, oil and more while eliminating over 99.9% of bacteria. The Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner features an all-natural, dry steam system built to accomplish any cleaning or disinfection task. In fact, a number of unique features allow the Hill Super Inox to clean faster and more effectively then other models.

First, the Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner creates a super high temperature “dry” steam, with less than 5% humidity. With temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the Hill Super Inox quickly cleans grease, oil, girt, dirt and soil build-up from engines, wheels, wheel wells and interior surfaces (including leather and soft-touch plastics) without leaving the surface wet. Spend less time drying and more time cleaning! The pressure can be adjusted from 0 to 89 psi for a variety of cleaning and disinfecting tasks.

TheSecond, the Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner features a rugged, industrial-strength construction with a 1.5-liter boiler with a continuous refill system. Unlike traditional steamers, which must cool before water can be added, the Hill Super Inox can be filled while in use. There is no downtime. The boiler is made of TIG-welded stainless steel for superior quality. An electromagnetic float cleans scale, calcium and mineral build up as you use it, allowing you to use regular tap water.

Each Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner comes with a range of Tecnovap accessories. Technovap is known for creating the highest quality steam cleaning accessories on the market. You get everything from carpet cleaning brushes to power nozzles, each built in Italy to the highest standard.

With a continuous refill, powerful (and adjustable) steam, and an industrial-grade build quality, you would think the Dupray Hill Super Inox couldn't get better. It does. Because the refill system allows for a diminutive 1.5-liter tank, the Hill Super Inox is super small. This light weight, portable unit is tough enough for commercial use, easy enough to use around the house, and small enough to take anywhere! Put the power of steam in your hands with Dupray!

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Dupray Hill Super Inox Steam Cleaner FREE BONUS
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