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Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

Item #DUP-100
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Item Description:

The power of steam with an affordable price tag!

293°F steam cleans and sanitizes

Environmentally safe and effective cleaning

Dry steam is safe for almost any surface

The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner provides a superior solution for deep cleaning your home and vehicle. Using only the power of steam instead of harsh chemicals, this sleek European machine makes cleaning easier than ever before. The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner is capable of safely and effectively cleaning and disinfecting nearly every surface in your home or on your vehicle—even the upholstery!

The Dupray ONE Steamer compact and versatile.
The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner includes 14 cleaning accessories making any cleaning task easier.
Everyone knows that industrial steam cleaners get the job done, but those bulky expensive units just aren’t plausible for the average consumer and many consumer-grade units are flimsy and ineffective. The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner provides a solution for anyone looking for professional-grade results with a consumer-grade price tag! The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner provides a super-heated dry steam with just 5% humidity content capable of cleaning almost any surface more effectively than traditional cleaning methods. The dry vapor steam is heated to 293° —a temperature capable of destroying grime and even killing bedbugs—without damaging delicate surfaces by soaking them.

The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner heats up in just ten minutes and provides a 70 minute run time so you can complete nearly any cleaning job without the worry of refills and reheating. The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner features a plastic body that houses a 0.3 gallon stainless steel boiler. In addition to being stainless steel, the boiler is TIG welded, a design feature that will outlast inferior aluminum or steel models. Some lesser-quality steamer units require a full boiler replacement if the heating element goes out, but not the Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner—simply replace the heating element and get back to steaming!

The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner is designed with the user in mind. It weighs just 10.5 pounds and includes 14 high-quality cleaning accessories that can withstand the extreme temperatures produced by the machine. The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner will change the way you clean your vehicle’s paint, rims, tires, engine bay—even the upholstery, floor mats, and carpeting! Not only will it clean every nook and cranny in and around your vehicle, the Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner is also the perfect solution for many household tasks like cleaning grout, walls, upholstery, and more. It will even kill bedbugs! The Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner is the perfect steam cleaning machine for your vehicle and home!

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Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner