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Detailer's Auto Bath Shampoo

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Item Description:

Detailer's Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo cleans and conditions.

Rich in oils for clean, hydrated paint!

Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo has lubricating oils, gentle cleaning agents, plus paint conditioners to refresh your vehicleís paint, leaving it in better condition than before it was washed. Think of Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo as a shampoo and conditioner in one for your vehicle!

Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo contains no soap or detergent. Alkaline cleaners like these can remove protective coatings and dull the finish. Instead, Auto Bath Shampoo contains TUFF SUDS II, an advanced cleaning agent that is suspended in the sudsí walls to scour away tough grime. Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo will not remove wax or sealant coatings. Dirt and grime washes away and the paint is left with smooth and clean.

In addition, oils in the shampoo act as a lubricant to allow gritty contaminants to slide off the paint in the rinse water without scratching. These same oils ďwetĒ the paint to create a brighter, shinier finish.

Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo has a neutral pH, making it as gentle on your paint as pure water. The ultra-gentle formula is clean-rinsing and easy to use. Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo will not leave a film on your vehicle and it helps prevent water spots. Water sheets off the freshly washed paint. Because the existing protective coat is still intact, remaining water will bead on the surface of the paint, rather than etching the clear coat. Washing your vehicle as usual will yield uncommonly beautiful results!

Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo is an excellent value for professional and do-it-yourself detailers. One or two ounces of shampoo will produce enough foam to wash your entire vehicle, no matter how large. With Detailerís Pro Series Auto Bath Shampoo, you can demand more from your car wash!

32 oz.

Nanoskin AutoScrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt
Use the two bucket wash method and Grit Guards Inserts for best results.

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Detailer's Auto Bath Shampoo
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Alexandria, Louisiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good stuff
April 8, 2014
nice smell, great price, it works
price, smell, good maintenance wash