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Dodo Juice DoubleWax 222 Runout Edition

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Item Description:

Designed to fulfill the requests some fanatics on a UK-based detailing forum, the original DoubleWax earned Dodo Juice world recognition. Entering it's final run, the wax-crafting wizards at Dodo have reformulated to the original recipes to keep up with today's trends, and have created Dodo Juice DoubleWax 222 Runout Edition. The number, 222, refers to how many of these specially-crafted waxes will be made. Once its gone, its gone for good but the shine and protection will last 6 months or more.

The original DoubleWax featured a hard wax base layer and a soft wax top layer. By using both. you were able to get the best of both worlds, improved shine and exceptional durability. But that was then and this is now. Now the base layer wax is a version of Dodo Juice's Supernatural Hybrid Wax, designed for even more shine, more durability and far better protection.

Start by applying the special minty Supernatural Hybrid hard wax as your base layer and allow it to cure. Then top it with a second coat of the classic Detailing World Soft carnauba. This will create an incredibly thick, extremely rich looking shine that reflects off your car's body work. Two different waxes designed to work together to create the ultimate high-gloss shine.

With Dodo Juice DoubleWax 222 Runout Edition you get the best that each wax has to offer without any draw backs. The newly reformulated base layer, designed with the experience that Dodo Juice has gained by manufacturing their Hybrid and Supernatural lines, provides a noticeable increase in shine, protection and durability. The soft wax topper still promotes exceptional water beading and a warm, rippling glow. Don't just wax your car, DoubleWax it with the final run of this special kit.

Dodo Juice Doublewax Kit includes:
200 ml (6.76 oz.) Doublewax Hard Wax
200 ml (6.76 oz.) Doublewax Soft Wax

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Dodo Juice DoubleWax 222 Runout Edition