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Diamondite® Glass & Plastic Care Systems

Diamondite® Glass & Plastic Care SystemsLet Diamondite restore your auto glass, plastics, and vinyl!

Diamondite is a complete line of clear surface products, including auto glass polish, glass cleaner, plastic polish, vinyl cleaners, protectants, and complete glass, plastic and vinyl kits. Remove scratches, remove water spots, polish cloudy headlights, and clean yellow vinyl with Diamondite. Our glass and plastic products work to quickly and safely restore clear surfaces on your car, boat, or RV to like-new condition.

Diamondite includes complete kits to polish glass, to restore plastic headlights, and to restore clear vinyl windows. Each kit includes a Diamondite handbook explaining how to safely polish clear automotive surfaces using your electric drill, polisher, or by hand. For more information on Diamondite, request a handbook or view our Diamondite how to video.