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DeWalt Polishers & Buffers ON SALE

DeWalt Polishers & Buffers <strong><font color="red">ON SALE</strong></font>" title="DeWalt Polishers & Buffers <strong><font color="red">ON SALE</strong></font>Founded in 1936 by Raymond E. DeWalt, DeWalt has grown into a world wide brand famous for producing extremely durable machining equipment. DeWalt's selection of rotary polishers for automotive use have become a mainstay in the professional industry where performance and durability are a prerequist. Many enthusiasts, car detailers, and body shops depend on DeWalt polishers to get the job done each time.
DeWalt DWP849X 7"/9" Variable Speed Rotary Polisher
Regular price: $249.99
Sale price: $229.99
DeWalt DWP-849X Marine 31 Boat Oxidation Removal Kit
Regular price: $426.87
Sale price: $329.99
DeWalt DWP849X McKee's RV Heavy-Duty Oxidation Removal Kit
Regular price: $408.89
Sale price: $339.99