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DP Quick Detailer

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Item Description:

A fast and easy way to restore that "just waxed" shine!

Aerosol application is fast and easy.

Bonds with waxes and sealants.

Can be used to remove light dust and fingerprints.

Detailerís Quick Detailer is a quick way to restore a just-waxed shine in minutes! If you donít have time for a traditional car wash but still want clean, shiny paint, Detailerís Quick Detailer is the answer youíve been looking for. Featuring a high lubricity polymer formula, Detailerís Quick Detailer safely removes light dust and fingerprints without scratching your vehicleís finish.

Detailerís Quick Detailer works great with a Super Plush Junior Microfiber Towel.

As a car care enthusiast on the go, youíre always searching for a quicker way to clean and shine your vehicleís finish. Itís not always necessary to perform a traditional wash when your vehicle only has light dust, dirt and fingerprints. Instead of consuming water and performing a timely wash, use Detailerís Quick Detailer to restore a just-waxed shine in minutes.

Application is simple: Working one panel at a time, spray on Detailerís Quick Detailer and wipe it off using a clean, dry microfiber towel. As the towel becomes soiled, flip to a clean side. Buff off any remaining residue with the dry side of the microfiber towel. If the vehicle is moderately dirty, more than one application may be necessary. Follow up with Detailerís Quick Wax to add a layer of protection and to amp up the shine even further.

Donít struggle any longer to keep your vehicle looking new. Have a can of Detailerís Quick Detailer on hand and restore that just-waxed shine in minutes.

16 oz.

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air. This item is shipped by ground service only.


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