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CarPro Reflect Polish 5 Liter Refill

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Item Description:

CarPro Reflect Polish is the final-step polish designed to create a highly-reflective, mirror-like shine on all paint finishes and colors. Comprised of a unique blend of micro-fine aluminum oxide abrasives and highly-advanced nano base compounds, CarPro Reflect Polish gently burnishes the paint for a flawless shine. This silicone-free formula is easy to use and creates dust or splatter.

Paint that has been burnished to an incredible shine will stand head and shoulders above its peers. Ultra-fine swirl marks, created by washing, polishing or wear, cause light to disperse when it it reflected. CarPro Reflect Polish unlocks your paint's potential gloss by smoothing away these imperfections and leaving behind a mirror-smooth, laser-straight finish.

Use CarPro Reflect Polish after more aggressive polishing or as a stand-alone polish to remove faint towel marks and light swirl marks. When teamed up with CarPro's more aggressive polishing option, Fixer, you have a powerful 1 – 2 combination that will unlock and restore your paint's natural brilliance. CarPro Reflect Polish contains no waxes, silicones or fillers. With this bodyshop-safe formula, what you see reflecting is what you get.

CarPro Reflect is the easy-to-use polishing solution. It works equally well with any machine type or by hand. Simply polish away the imperfections using lower speeds and light pressure, then wipe away residue with CarPro Eraser and a soft microfiber towel.

5 Liter refill.

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CarPro Reflect Polish 5 Liter Refill