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Constant Pressure Hi-Gloss Foam Pads

Constant Pressure Hi-Gloss Foam Pads Lake Country Constant Pressure Hi-Gloss Foam Pads

Create a Hi-Gloss finish with Constant Pressure Technology! Engineered “Instant Rebound” foam keeps pads flat to the polishing surface Rounded edges increase safety margin when polishing Available in CCS or Flat Pad designs

Constant Pressure Hi-Gloss Foam Pads make polishing easier whether you are a beginner or professional! These pads are designed to create a uniform results by distributing the pressure you apply across the entire pad. The blue layer on each Constant Pressure Hi-Gloss Foam Pad is made of a specially designed “Instant Rebound” foam that compensates for any off-axis movements.

Lake Country Constant Pressure Hi-Gloss Foam pads are loaded with features. The edge of each pad is curved or rounded with allows easy transitions over seams and contours with out snagging. Specially designed backing material is back-cut 3/8's of an inch from the edge allowing to avoid interference with the backing plate. These pads work equally well with DA style and Rotary polishers. The backing material features a hook and loop material to allow quick and easy pad changes.

Hi-Gloss Pads are available in a variety of foam compositions to match your polishing needs. New machine polish users love these pads for the built in safety features and their ability to keep the pad flat to the paint when used on a DA polisher. Experts love these pads on a rotary polish for their ability to contour to complex body panels and provide an uniform finish.