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Ultima Preservation and Protection

Ultima Preservation and Protection

Professional Secrets to Cleaning, Protecting & Preserving Your Car

Professional detailers are always one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to achieving dazzling results. Chamois and Carnauba wax were a part of their toolkit long before the average Joe ever discovered them.

Times are changing with revolutionary developments in car care. The once popular chamois is now outdated and is being replaced by waffle weave microfiber drying towels. In the same way, conventional Carnauba wax is now fading to the history books, bumped aside by specialized paint sealants such as the Ultima Paint Guard Plus.

The Environment is Your Carís Enemy

Professional detailers know the importance of working with products that have been formulated to work together in a series of disciplined and time-tested steps to making a car look like new, like the old 1980ís Mercury we transformed using the Ultima Flawless Finish System. This once beautiful Mercury had fallen victim to the tests of time, harsh environmental conditions and was suffering from extensive cosmetic damage caused by:

  • Water spots
  • Oxidation
  • Bird dropping stains and etching
  • Acid rain etching
  • Various kinds of contamination due to tree sap, road grime, dry insects, etc.)
  • Minor isolated scratches and swirl in the paint
  • Premature paint deterioration
  • UV Damage

The Ultima Flawless Finish System has been developed specifically to address these specific problems, and has been tested by professional detailers with outstanding results. The kit is a complete solution for protecting your car's paint to keep it looking new and will also bring back neglected or aged paint finishes.

When we finished using the kit on this old Mercury with its neglected paintwork, and seriously weathered tires and trim, we transformed the car making it almost unrecognizable. So much so that the owners jaw fell open when he saw it!

Strip Away the Grime, Reveal the Shine

The secret of a getting this Mercury to look like new again was not simply masking the years of damage caused by the environmental effects. We actually removed the bonded surface contamination, scratches, swirl, staining, oxidation and etching that dulled its once stunning deep red paintwork and then enhanced the newly restored paint while protecting it from further damage.

  • We first used the Ultima Paint Guard Wash to remove the loose dirt and grime with a luxurious long-lasting suds that lasted throughout the wash process.
  • Then we went one step further and removed the stubborn bonded surface contamination caused by pollution using Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System
  • Next we worked on the swirl marks and minor scratches with Paint Prep Plus returning the paintwork to its original luster and preparing the paint to be protected. Although working by hand is effective, keep in mind that it is much easier and more effective on severely damaged paint to work by machine. We recommend using a Porter Cable 7424xp
  • Only then was the restored paintwork ready to be protected using Ultima Paint Guard Plus leaving a super slick, deep wet looking finish that not only looks good but actually helps repel dirt and grime that would normally bond to the surface and damage your carís paint.
  • Then the finishing touch... We brought the tires and trim back to a better than original finish with the Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus (not included in kit) adding a rich look that offers serious long lasting protection against the harsh environmental elements.

For on-the-spot quick touch-ups we added a bottle of Ultima Detail Spray Plus with an Super Plush Junior Microfiber Towel in the Mercuryís trunk so the owner can maintain his slightly dusty finish with a quick mist and wipe as well as clean a small area in a hurry to avoid damage from bird droppings and bugs without having to wash the entire car!

Simple Maintenance and Lasting Results

No matter how much you love your car, no one wants to have to detail it every week. The Ultima Flawless Finish System was developed to keep your car in top shape longer that other products, so you can save valuable time and effort. Once the full process has been completed, it will last much longer than other protectants so all you have to do is quick detail or wash it as needed and enjoy the shine.

Application Instructions

Ultima Paint Guard Wash
Exceeds all expectations with luxurious suds that last through the entire wash.
Ultima Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System
Remove road grime, insect remains, hard water deposits, tar and sap.
Ultima Paint Prep Plus Pre-wax Polish
Polishes & smoothes away swirl marks. Increases paint gloss & slickness.
Ultima Paint Guard Plus, 12 oz.
Serious protection and a great shine for under $1.35 per season!
Ultima Detail Spray Plus
Maintain perfect shine in minutes. Just spray & wipe!
Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus, 12 oz. <font color=red>New Formula!</font>
Long lasting tire & trim protection from road salt and winter grime.
Retail Value: $159.99
Our Price: $119.99
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