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SON1C Wax Merry Waxmas Holiday Wax Set

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Item Description:

Never have Christmas lights reflected so brilliantly!

Two wax set designed for the holiday lover in all of us

Includes two premium-grade, handcrafted carnauba pastes

Provides three months of protection on painted surfaces

Much like your favorite peppermint stick, the SON1C Wax Merry Waxmas Holiday Wax Set will delight you and your vehicle with holiday joy. Unlike the sweet-tasting sugar stick, the SON1C Wax Merry Waxmas Holiday Wax Set is made of two premium-grade, all-natural carnauba waxes which will impart a highly-protective rich shine on your vehicle's paint.

The red Merry Waxmas Wax has a delicious cinnamon scent and is designed to be applied to the paint first. This wax is easy to apply and provides a rich increase in reflections as well as improvement in the depth of gloss. The white wax resembles a holiday favorite and provides outstanding protection. Each wax should be applied in a thin coat and allowed to haze for 5-15 minutes prior to buff off. You can use each wax individually as well.

The SON1C Wax Merry Waxmas Holiday Wax Set provides all the protection, shine and water beading you would expect from a premium carnauba wax. In addition, this wax set provides copious protection against reindeer droppings, sleigh marks, cookie crumbs and acidic eggnog damage. The SON1C Wax Merry Waxmas Holiday Wax Set is the perfect stocking stuffer for the car lover in your life!

2 x 50 ml.

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SON1C Wax Merry Waxmas Holiday Wax Set