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Chemical Guys White Wax 8 oz.

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Item Description:

Chemical Guys White Wax will make your white paint the brightest shade of white you’ve ever seen!

Chemical Guys White Wax a thick, pudding-like wax that promises to maximize the depth and color of your white or light colored paint. Formulated using an advanced blend of micro cleansing agents, Chemical Guys White Wax removes light stains and contaminants to reveal the brightest shade of white.

Chemical Guys White Wax provides paint protection that lasts months, not weeks. You can use Chemical Guys White Wax as your stand-alone form of paint protection, or you can apply it over Chemical Guys Second Skin 6 Hybrid Coating. Regardless of which application method you choose, your paint will never look this good!

Chemical Guys White Wax contains advanced polymer technology that enables it to protect paintwork in any environment, including northern climates. You’ll be amazed at the tight, round water beads that White Wax creates.

Maintaining the shine created by White Wax couldn’t be easier! Regularly wash your vehicle using your favorite Chemical Guys shampoo, and apply a coat of Hybrid V7 once a month. That’s it!

8 oz.

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Chemical Guys White Wax 8 oz.