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Chemical Guys Sofast Odor Eater 128 oz.

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Item Description:

Get rid of odors, fast!

Eliminates odors at the source.

Fresh apple scent.

Last weeks, no days.

Eliminate smelly foul odors forever by tackling the problem. Odor causing bacteria are bad for your health and really stink. SoFast Odor Eater Bacteria Killer is designed to destroy strong odors and smoke odors in seconds while leaving behind the nice fresh smell of green apple. No more cigarette smell! Eliminate unwanted odor forever.

SoFast Odor Eater Bacteria Killer features:

  • So Fast Odor Eater & Eliminator is non-toxic, smells like fresh green apples (clean fresh smell, not chemical smell).
  • 16 oz is enough to do 10-15 vehicles -1 Gal will do 65-80 vehicles.
  • Not a cover-up. Use it to deodorize luggage, smelly hotel rooms, draperies, ashtrays or foul-smelling smoking areas and office buildings. Removes smoke odors and bad odors forever from your clothing and hair after dining in a smoky restaurant or bar. Disinfects killing the bacteria and eliminating the odor fast.
  • No ordinary air freshener or a strong overlap fragrance designed to cover up offensive odors.
  • Odor Eater combines a special blend of advanced ingredients that literally eliminating the odor at its source!
  • Works by attacking the chemical structure of the organic material, destroying the cause of the unpleasant smell.
  • Cleaned areas are left fresh-smelling and clean, not steeped in perfumes!
  • Instantly stamp out the worlds worst smells, eliminating them for good and leaving behind a pleasant light apple scent.

Directions for application:

Works best full strength. Lightly mist area like, cargo area, carpet or AC/Heating vents and allow to dry. SoFast Odor Eater Bacteria Killer can be used for auto, home or boat. Enjoy the fresh apple scent.

128 oz.

This product cannot ship internationally.

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Chemical Guys Sofast Odor Eater 128 oz.
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