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Chemical Guys Hose Free Eco Wash

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Item Description:

Imagine being able to wash your entire auto without a hose! Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash delivers a super high shine without the hose! Utilizing a high-shine polymer rich formula Chemical Guys Hose-Free ECOwash delivers the slickest lubricity and mirror wet high shine finish.

Wash, shine, protect and prolong without the need for a mess or a hose.

Don't have access to a hose? To cold where you live to wash your auto outside?

You can wash your entire auto delivering a super high shine in half the time with HOSE FREE ECOwash. This unique car wash formula allows you to properly wash your vehicle without the need to rinse the vehicle down with a hose. Just pour one ounce per gallon of water in your bucket and you have a paint safe and hose free washing solution. Wash your vehicle like normal and then proceed right to drying. The extremely slick formula helps you wash with ease and contaminants simply glide off the paint. This formula also has gloss enhancing additives and polymers which make the paint look amazing after the wash as well.

This is perfect for mobile detailers or anyone who likes to detail while traveling. Some apartment complexes do not provide hose access, so you can still wash your car with this formula. Too much direct sun and high temperatures can make your vehicle prone to water mark etchings while washing. Water marks look terrible and can be very tough to remove so it's important to be careful while washing. If you normally wash in direct sun and high temperatures you can now wash the vehicle inside your garage without the fear of water marks. If you live in area with freezing cold temperatures this formula allows you to wash inside or outside without the hose. The versatility of this formula is outstanding and makes it a must have for virtually any detailer.


  • Mix 1 ounce of Chemical Guys Hose Free EcoWASh with 2-3 gallons of water. Using a Chemical guys Chenille wash mitt or Microfiber Bone Wash Sponge Soak in the EcoWASH solution. Wash as you would with a traditional soap mixtures starting at the top of the vehicle and working your way down.
  • You may wish to wash the entire vehicle at once or wash sections at a time.
  • Unlike traditional soaps with Chemical Guys EcoSMART there is no need to rinse with water. The unique lubricants in Hose Free EcoWASH help left debris away from the surface where it can be safely wiped away without scratching.
  • Wash section by section drying each section with a soft microfiber towel.

16 oz.

This product cannot ship internationally.

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Product Reviews

Chemical Guys Hose Free Eco Wash
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Round Rock, TX
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This stuff is good!
April 18, 2012
I really like the way Hose Free Eco Wash cleans and leaves a beautiful finish. May clean better than any other rinseless I've used.
Cleans very well Leaves a great finish Doesn't stain wash media Pleasant smell More concentrated than other rinseless washes