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Carrand Sof-Tools 4-piece Total-Care Detailing Pack

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Item Description:

The Carrand Sof-Tools 4-Piece Total-Care Detailing Pack consists of 4 innovate microfiber detailing products from microfiber expert Carrand. Not only does Carrand use the softest and highest quality microfiber, but their forward thinking design means that each towel or mitt has multiple uses. From a bug-remover and wash sponger to a microfiber dusting cloth that reaches into car vents. In just 4 pieces you are getting 8 separate tools. The Carrand Sof-Tools 4-Piece Total-Care Detailing Pack is such as great real-world value that you will forgive all of the hyphens in the name.

Carrand Sof-Tools 4-Piece Total-Care Detailing Pack includes 3 hyphens and these 4 dual-use microfiber tools:

Carrand Tuf-Spot Wash Mitt
The Carrand Tuf-Spot Wash Mitt is a combination microfiber wash mitt, mesh bug sponge, and blade for removing bugs, tar, and tough grime from the auto surface. The built-in plastic blade can be employed when needed, but otherwise stays recessed within fluffy microfiber strands. The mesh edge provides extra cleaning power where needed. This mitt is safe on clear coat, glass, and chrome. The Carrand Tuf-Spot Wash Mitt provides everything you need to remove the most stubborn residues, built into one mitt. The fluffy microfiber holds plenty of soapy water for lubrication. It glides over the vehicle, releasing dirt and dust. For the hard-to-clean dirt, the mesh edge and the blade provide give you the cleaning power you need.

Carrand Sof-Tool Drip-Stop Drying Towel
The Carrand Sof-Tool Drip-Stop Drying Towel is an extra large microfiber towel with a special drip-grabbing corner. It pulls water from grills, mirror seams, and body panels to prevent drip marks down your vehicle. Press the Drip-Stop corner into crevices and seams. This is easy-to-use because of the rigid edge. The absorbent microfiber pulls water out of crevices and soaks it up. Preventing water spots is that easy. The Carrand Sof-Tool Drip-Stop Drying Towel is super absorbent and features a snag-free satin edge for worry free drying.

Carrand Clean-Seam Polishing Towel
The Carrand Clean-Seam Microfiber Polishing Towel makes it easy to buff away every bit of wax - including what gets stuck in body seams! A plastic Clean-Seam tool is built into the corner of the towel for easy access. The entire towel is made of super soft microfiber surrounded by a snag-free satin border. Use the Carrand Clean-Seam Microfiber Polishing Towel on all vehicle surfaces. The Carrand Clean-Seam Microfiber Polishing Towel is double-sided for extra thickness and luxury. Each microfiber strand is 100 times finer than human hair. The satin edge glides over the paint effortlessly.

Carrand Dust-Off Detailing Towel
The twin-sided Carrand Dust-Off Detailing Towel has a Clean-Seam Tool to remove the dust and residues that hide in body seams. The soft and flexible plastic tool is built into this towel's corner so it is always handy but easy to tuck away in normal use. The Carrand Dust-Off Detailing Towels use a plush microfiber that wipes away light dust safely and holds it away from the paint to avoid scratching. A premium satin edge surrounds the towel for snag-free wiping and provides the Carrand Dust-Off Detailing with a long life.

In just 4 innovate pieces you will be able to accomplish at least 8 different detailing jobs, all while enjoying Carrand's premium selection of microfiber.

1pc Tuf-Spot™ Wash Mitt
1pc Drip-Stop™ Drying Towel
1pc Clean-Seam™ Polishing Towel
1pc Dust-Off™ Detailing Towel

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Carrand Sof-Tools 4-piece Total-Care Detailing Pack
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