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CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 1 Liter

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Item Description:

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap is a powerful multipurpose auto shampoo and iron remover. Iron X Snow Soap combines the powerful paint iron removal ability of Iron X with the cleaning properties of a premium hand soap. When used in a foam gun or foam lance, Iron X Snow Soap will blanket the car in a thick layer of iron dissolving foam.

When used at the suggested dilution ration of 1:8, CarPro Iron X Snow Soap will produce a wash solution with a pH of 7. This powerful cleaner is safe on all exterior surfaces including paintwork, metal, glass, plastics, wheels and rubber trim pieces. To produce a powerful blizzard of paint cleansing foam pour Iron X Snow Soap into your foam gun or foam lance undiluted.

Iron X Snow Soap is a high-lubricity auto shampoo that safely loosens and lifts dirt away from the paint for safe, scratch-free cleaning. The real power of this solution is it's ability to dissolve the iron fallout that bombards our paint on a daily basis. As the powerful iron removers go work they turn purple. You can watch this powerful soap as it works. Despite the powerful cleaning action, Iron X Snow Soap will not remove coatings or polymer sealants! It's that gentle!

When regularly cleaning will not cut it use the power of a blizzard with CarPro Iron X Snow Soap.

1 Liter

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Product Reviews

CarPro Iron X Snow Soap 1 Liter
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Watertown, Wi
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

works great to help clean wheels
September 10, 2016
so I use this in conjuction with 3D BDX to clean my wheels, i put about 2oz in my wheel bucket with my wheel brushes and it really helps with cleaning the wheels
added ease to clean rims

Bridgewater, NJ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Powerful, foamy, great for coated vehicles
June 13, 2016
I usually use this as a presoak before performing a wash on my car, which is coated with Optimum Gloss Coat. I find it helps break up the dirt better than softer, more traditional soaps. It produces great suds and dwells for a long time, even with a standard foam gun. It has a slight smell to it, but it's not as strong as regular IX.
Strong, LSP safe, foam thickness, dwell time

Seattle, WA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Strong Soap
September 5, 2014
I generally use this soap for maintenance washes about once a month or before I reapply HydrO2. Diluted for 2BM, it's slick and cleans extremely well but has a very very strong smell to it. Undiluted in a foam gun it works great for knocking out iron, but in that use, it can be pretty costly. I usually do 1:8 in the foam gun to help break down dirt before 2BM.
- Strong cleaner - Knocks out some iron - Works well in foam gun - Safe for coatings and sealants
- Cost if using undiluted - Really strong smell