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CarPro Fixer Polishing Compound 250 ml

250 ml
Item#: CP-120   
500 ml
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1 liter
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Item Description:

50/50 shot with CarPro Fixer. Photo courtesy of forum member 'rzatch'.

CarPro Fixer is a true polishing compound designed to work with all paint surfaces. Is this a polish that behaves like a compound or a compound that finishes like a polish? All we know is that that it works! The micro fine abrasives are capable of removing 1500-2000 grit sanding scratches while finishing to a high gloss, mirror finish. CarPro Fixer was designed from scratch to remove scratches and keep your paint looking great..

CarPro Fixer can be used by hand, random orbital, or rotary polishers. Use different pads to change the aggressiveness of the compound. This polishing compound has a long buffing cycle with easy wipe off making it a truly user-friendly product. CarPro Fixer works on all paint types, from old lacquers to modern high-solid clear coats.

Polish and compound in one easy step with CarPro Fixer.

250 ml.

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Product Reviews

CarPro Fixer Polishing Compound 250 ml
2 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Clermont, FL
2 Stars

Very different product
April 17, 2012
I bought this after reading some peoples initial thoughts and the description and figured I would give it a try. It is a very different product thats for sure. First, I am very used to the long working times of other polishes (Especially Menzerna) which allow to me really work the panel and remove as much as I can by adjusting passes and speeds of the polisher. Then comes along Fixer. I have tried this on several paints, from german hards to japanese softs. It acts the same way and I find it is just not to my liking. The biggest complaint with this polish is the working time. Using a rotary polisher, all I got out of it was two passes and it was almost completely gone off the paint, and that was working it at 1200 RPM. I decided I did not have enough, so I put a bit more on the pad and tried again with the same result. Again, this time I lowered the speed to 1000 RPM and the same issue. Now, if it was correcting a ton in this short of time, I would not be upset, but rather excited as polishing would take way less time to finish. But it was not correcting as much as I had hoped. In the end, however, I found this makes a fantastic hand polish. The short working times and lack of need for high speed makes this a great manual polish for those spaces a machine will not reach. in the end, for very light correction, this works, but for the big work, you can't beat a proper compound like M105 or Power Gloss.
Works great for hand polishing Low speed polishing Ability to adjust from a heavier cut to a finishing polish with a pad change
Working times very short Lack of cut on harder clears