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DP Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit

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Item Description:

The Detailerís Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit includes everything you need to coat your vehicle with the best protection money can buy. Each and every Detailerís coating included in this kit is comprised of nano-glass ceramic particles that fill in the microscopic pits and pores of the surface, maximizing smoothness and increasing gloss and slickness. This money-saving kit includes all 3 Detailerís coatings plus a host of essential applicators and towels to make application effortless.

The Detailerís Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit includes:

Detailerís Paint Coating
Detailerís Paint Coating is a nano-glass ceramic coating that provides paint protection measured in years, not months. Formulated using nano-glass ceramic particles and state-of-the-art cross-linking polymers, Detailerís Paint Coating creates a hard-as-nails protective barrier and a glass-like, liquid shine. The self-cleaning effect created by the immense amount of surface tension keeps your paint looking its best in between regular washes. Detailerís Paint Coating is exceptionally easy to apply Ė no lengthy instructions to memorize!

Detailerís Glass Coating
Detailerís Glass Coating is a super-hydrophobic nano-glass ceramic coating that creates an extremely hard, crystal-clear barrier of protection on exterior glass surfaces. Treated glass surfaces will be impenetrable to environmental contaminants while exhibiting super hydrophobic properties; water will bead up and roll off while snow and ice will be effortless to remove. A single application lasts up to one year!

Detailerís Wheel Coating
Detailerís Wheel Coating is a nano-glass ceramic coating that provides your wheels with unparalleled protection against brake dust, dirt, road grime, oil and tar. Formulated using nano-glass ceramic particles, Detailerís Wheel Coating blankets your wheels in a durable, high-gloss protective barrier that resists brake-dust build up, keeping your wheels clean and protected in between regular washes. A single application lasts up to 1 year!

3 Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 x 16 inches
These versatile microfiber towels are great for any variety of detailing tasks, from general washing and scrubbing off road contaminants, to applying and buffing off wax and all-in-one protectants. Detailing cloths boast an 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend in a special feather weave that increases their absorption properties, guaranteeing high performance and durability.

3 Poly Foam Applicator Pads
Foam wax applicators are best used to apply Detailer's Paint, Glass and Wheel Coatings.

Microfiber Applicator Pad (COLOR MAY VARY
The outer surface of the Microfiber Applicator Pad has all the qualities youíve come to expect from the finest in microfiber technology. The gentle, yet strong fabric is wrapped snuggly around a plush, absorbent sponge. This innovative combination of materials causes wax, polish, dressings, and sealants to spread more evenly, resulting in maximum coverage while using less emulsion.

Kit contains:
4 oz. Detailerís Paint Coating
4 oz. Detailerís Glass Coating
4 oz. Detailerís Wheel Coating
3 Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 x 16 inches
3 Poly Foam Applicator Pads
Microfiber Applicator Pad (COLOR MAY VARY)

A total retail value of $177.90. You save $57.91!

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DP Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit