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Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Nominee Edition 30 ml.

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Item Description:

The sophisticated wax with months of durability!

T1 grade carnauba paste wax

Creates a deep glow

Made with vanilla, coconut extract, and citrus oil

Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Carnauba Wax creates a deep glow and excellent durability. It creates a sacrificial barrier that protects your paint against bird bombs, bug splatter, environmental pollutants, and rain for up to six months per application. Bouncer's Vanilla Ice is one of the most durable premium paste waxes available and with up to 6 applications in a jar, it is an excellent value as well!

Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Carnauba Wax required months of testing and development in order to create a wax that maintains its deep glow for so long. It is made with the finest vanilla and coconut extracts, natural citrus oils, and premium T1 grade carnauba wax. It is extremely easy-to-apply and wipe off is a breeze.

Like all Bouncer's waxes, Vanilla Ice is hand-made and hand-poured in England. It is a soft wax with a light texture. With a mindful eye towards value, you can expect to achieve 3 to 6 applications from one jar of wax! Enjoy the passion of a truly hand made carnauba wax with Bouncer's Vanilla Ice.

For best results apply Vanilla Ice to clean and well polished paint in a thin even coat, then buff to a high-gloss shine.

30 ml.

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Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Nominee Edition 30 ml.
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