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Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax

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Handcrafted in Buckinghamshire, England, Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax is the world's first double-hybrid, double cross-linked protection wax. This wax forms a strong bond to your paint, offering both great looks and even more impressive durability during the harshest months. Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax shields your paint with long-lasting protection against detergents, road salts, sleet and snow. Don't just protect your paint, fortify it with Bouncer's.

A unique blend of cross-linking Japanese and German polymers, in addition to T1-grade carnauba wax, allow Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax to adhere firmly to your paint's surface. Do not let the high-gloss shine and impressive depth fool you into thinking this is a beauty wax! Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax withstands winter's toughest days, keeping your paint tucked-in, warmly, under a blanket of protection.

Apply two coats of Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax to build a solid layer of protection on your paint and seal out the road salt, sleet, ice and freezing rain that your car battles during the winter months. The slick finish created by the polymer combination prevents dirt and salty road pitch from sticking to the finish, keeping your car cleaner for longer. And when you get a break from freezing temperatures, Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax will release any accumulated dirt without scrubbing, so you can spend more time enjoying the temporary reprieve.

Like all Bouncer's waxes, Fortify Winter Protection Wax is hand-made and hand-poured in England. It is a firm wax with a light texture. With a mindful eye towards value, you can expect to achieve 25 to 30 applications from one jar of wax! Enjoy the passion of a truly handcrafted carnauba-hybrid wax with Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax, and don't let the cold months stand in your way of a show car shine!

100 ml. (3.4 oz) paste

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Product Reviews

Bouncer's Fortify Winter Protection Wax
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good winter product
January 14, 2014
Hoping this wax will help prevent mag-chloride damage this winter. It's easy to apply and comes off cleanly, even on cold paint with low humidly. Definitely a hard wax so a little goes a long way on pre-cleaned paint.
easy & economical to use