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Dodo Juice Ė Bouncerís 22 Wax 100 ml.

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Item Description:

Famous world-wide, available in the US!

Hand-crafted, premium-grade T1 carnauba paste

Creates a liquid wet shine on all paint colors

Creates crisp, clear reflections

Bounce's 22 Carnauba Wax is the wax that started the Bouncer's legacy. It is a hand-made, hand-poured carnauba paste that imparts a wet, crisp shine on your paint while providing ample protection against the elements: bird bombs, bug splatter, airborne pollution, and more! Bouncer's 22 Carnauba Wax is the results of one enthusiasts dream to create a quality car wax at home. This wax received such rave reviews that Dodo Juice agreed to distribute it under their Independent Wax Label. A legend was born.

Bouncer's 22 wax creates crisp, clear reflections on all paint colors.

Bouncer's 22 Carnauba Wax received its name from number of formulations that were crafted before the performance goals where met. Once Bouncer's 22 was released to the public, word-of-mouth transformed the experiment into a highly sought after carnauba paste. It creates a rich, liquid-wet shine with crisp, clear reflections which benefits all paint types and colors.

Like all of the Bouncer's waxes that followed, 22 is hand-made and hand-poured in England. It is a soft wax with a light texture. With a mindful eye towards value, you can expect to achieve 25 to 30 applications from one 100 ml. pot! Enjoy the passion of a truly hand made carnauba wax with the legend that started it all: Bouncer's 22 Carnauba Wax.

For best results apply Bouncerís 22 to clean and well polished paint in a thin even coat, then buff to a high-gloss shine.

100 ml.

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Dodo Juice Ė Bouncerís 22 Wax 100 ml.