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Boat Master Marine Care Products

Boat Master Marine Care Products Boat Master Marine Care Products are a selection of high quality kits and products that have been formulated by world-renowned surface care expert Dr. Leo Tork. The products have been formulated to clean, treat, and maintain all of the furniture used on boats. Each formula is made in Italy by Research Centre of Uniters S.p.A., the makers of Leather Master!

Boat Master Marine Care Products have been formulated with the latest advancements in surface care technology yet remain extremely easy to use. The extensive Boat Master Range contains products designed to clean, protect, and maintain a wide variety of boat materials including teak decks, leather, leatherette, vinyl, cloth, and even fiberglass hulls. The marine environment is harsh, but Boat Master is your solution to the fading, aging, and wear commonly associated with marine vessels. Don't just take care of it, master it with Boat Master.