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Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax 225 ml.

225 ml.
500 ml.

Item Description:

Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax gives your paint a great looking carnauba shine with exceptional protection. Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax can be applied to any paint surface, from antique lacquers to modern clear coats with the exception of matte finishes. Once applied to the paint, Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba wax creates a deep, wet-look shine that glistens across the finish.

Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax offers up much more than great looks. A selected combination of natural carnauba wax and synthetic polymers gives your paint a thick layer of protection against acid rain, bird bombs, insect remains, and industrial fallout. The carnauba ingredients swell when exposed to moisture, giving Blue Moon outstanding water beading and water sheeting properties. Water will slide right off of your paint!

Where many carnauba-based liquid waxes fail, Blue Moon excels! One application of Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax will last 4-6 months! Seal your paint from the rain, weather, and environment while giving it a deep shine with Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax.

  1. Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly. Remove any rough feel or visible contamination using detailing clay or Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer.
  2. Remove any surface imperfections by machine polishing until you are satisfied with the finish. Any deep swirl marks, scratches, or scars will be visible after application.
  3. Apply a light amount of Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax to a foam application and wipe onto the surface using overlapping passes for even coverage. Add more product to the applicator as needed, applying a thin coat to all painted surfaces.
  4. Allow to dry for 30 to 60 minutes, the remove with clean microfiber towel.
Maintenance: Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax provides exceptional protection and water sheeting for up to six months. Using caustic detergent shampoos will quickly degrade Blue Moon's performance. For the best results, wash vehicles protected by Blue Moon with Wolf's Chemicals White Satin pH Neutral Car Shampoo. To reinvigorate the shine and extend the protection treat with Wolf's Chemicals Quickie Carnauba Quick Detailer.

225 ml.
Made in Budapest, Hungary

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Wolf's Chemicals Blue Moon Liquid Carnauba Wax 225 ml.