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Black Wheel and White/Yellow ShMITT Combo

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Item Description:

Double-team your tough cleaning jobs with ShMITT!

Double the cleaning power!

Two popular designs to clean every surface of your car.

Durable construction.

Now you can get your shine on inside and out with the White Wash and Yellow/White ShMITT Combo!

The Black Wheel ShMITT will cut through tough grease and road grime! The innovative and aggressive cutting foam will scrub away grease, road tar, bugs, and other stubborn contaminants from unpainted surfaces. The Black Wheel ShMITT is the ultimate cleaning mitt for taking on tires, wheels, chrome, engines, and so much more!

The innovative design of the White/Yellow ShMITT provides three-in-one versatility! The integrated dual-texture design will give you two tools in one! Now you can gently wash away dirt with the soft foam front and simply flip your wrist to tackle bugs, tar, and other stubborn spots with the more aggressive yellow foam.

The soft and versatile, White/Yellow ShMITT will give you the gentle touch required to complete your high-quality detailing project and so much more! Professionals and enthusiasts alike know that you need a tool that provides and ultra-soft touch for interior work and other delicate tasks. The White/Yellow ShMITT offers even more!

The two-sided White/Yellow ShMITT is the perfect combination of tough and gentle. The innovative foam will allow you to use one side for applying dressing or cleaning agents and one side to buff! This saves you both time and money!

The unique design of both the Black Wheel ShMITT and the White/Yellow ShMITT will fit your hand comfortably to reduce the chance of dropping. Each front side of the ShMITT is constructed of rugged foam that is dimpled much like a CCS pad, and the back side is a plain flat surface. What’s more is that with ShMITT mitts you will find that the foam distributes hand pressure more evenly than towels or wool mitts. The foam is also absorbent to catch drips and provide smooth, even application.

The innovative ShMITT design makes sure that the mitt stays on your hand, does not slip, and pick up potentially surface-damaging contaminants. No more wasting time picking up and cleaning off shop grit from your mitt! Make sure to use the Black Wheel ShMITT, it is two-tools in one! The White/Yellow ShMITT is also two tools-in-one! Use them over and over again. The high quality foam can be washed in DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator mixed with water.

Combo includes:
One Black Wheel ShMITT
One White/Yellow ShMITT

Made in the U.S.A.

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Black Wheel and White/Yellow ShMITT Combo