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DP Total Headlight Restoration Kit

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Restore and preserve your headlights with the Detailer's Total Headlight Restoration Kit. Age and ultraviolet radiation will degrade your headlight's lens covers. Over time they will become yellow, dull and chalky, making them an eyesore. What's worse, light will have a hard time shiny through the cloudy covers, reducing your nighttime vision and making you less visible to others. The Detailer's Total Headlight Restoration Kit works with your drill to offer professional-level results quickly and effortlessly.

The Detailer's Total Headlight Restoration Kit is a professional-grade kit designed to restore oxidized, chalky and faded headlights. This kit includes Detailer's amazing All In One Headlight Restoring Polish, a powerful Thin Wool Foam Pad, an adapter to turn your drill into a polisher, and the necessary microfiber towels. The Detailer's Headlight Restoration Kit makes it easy to restore a clear finish to your headlights, with just a standard drill. Once you have them restored, keep the lights looking great with the easy-to-apply Detailer's Headlight Protectant Spray.

Start by washing your headlight covers and drying them thoroughly.

We recommend to take the time and mask off any adjacent bodywork.

Attach the included Lake Country 3 Inch Drill Backing Plate to your power drill.

Rinse off wheels.
Wipe off the polish residue with a microfiber towel. If working on extremely oxidized headlights, several applications may be necessary.

Here's a 50/50 comparison shot. The left side has been polished.

Once restored, apply Headlight Protectant Spray to prevent future yellowing and fading.

Enjoy your new headlights! Reapply Detailer's Headlight Protectant Spray frequently to help prevent oxidation and yellowing from occurring.

8 oz. Detailer's All In One Headlight Restoring Polish
8 oz. Detailer's Headlight Protectant Spray
Lake Country 3 Inch Drill Backing Plate
3 1/4 Inch Thin Foamed Wool Pad
Microfiber Detailing Towel, 16 x 16 inches
Microfiber Applicator Pad
Detailer's Car Care Handbook

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