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Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

32 oz.
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128 oz.
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Pinnacle Natural Brilliance is passionate about automobile care and obsessed with preserving the fine pieces of art that sit in our garages, garnish admiring glances on our roads, and stun spectators at car shows. Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner's amazing ability clean safely is a result of that dedication. For over two decades Pinnacle Natural Brilliance has sought to better car care. You benefit from that dedication each time your squeeze the trigger of Signature All Purpose Cleaner.

Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner is powerful! You can use it to remove grease and filth build up from engine compartments without damaging delicate finishes. It will remove road tar, sap, and bug residues from paint. When used at the proper dilution it even removes heavy soil build up on a fine leathers. Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner is the only cleaning solution you need for your automobile.

Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner is safe. Use at full-strength for the dirtiest jobs such as engine degreasing or undercarriage detailing. Dilute 1 part Pinnacle Signature APC with 5 parts water to formulate a powerful cleaning solution that is ideal for cleaning wheels and tires. For lighter cleaning action, such as cleaning fender wells, door jambs, fuel doors, and residues from paint, dilute 1 part APC with 10 parts water; it is even safe for leather and vinyl in this dilution.

Once diluted to the proper ratio, mist Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned and allow it to dwell for 30 to 45 seconds. Agitate with a soft brush or applicator if needed. Rinse away residue with a strong spray of water. When cleaning leather or delicate finishes spray properly diluted Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner directly onto the brush or applicator and agitate. Blot dry with a separate towel.

Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner is strong enough to clean wheels and tires
Strong enough for wheels and tires..
Pinnacle Signature All Purpose Cleaner is safe enough for delicate interior surfaces
Gentle enough for interior plastics..


32 oz.

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