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Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo

500 ml.
5 Liter

Item Description:

Lather your paint in a soap built with passion!

Highly concentrated car soap that rinses away clean

Creates a mountain of highly lubricated suds

Dilutes 1 part solution to 2000 parts water

Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated formula designed to be tough on dirt, grime, and build up, while remaining gentle to your wax or sealant coating. Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo creates a highly lubricated foaming action which minimizes the risk of creating wash swirl marks and scratches. This powerful concentrate dilutes up at an outstanding 1 part soap to 2000 parts water, making it a great value as well!

Many car soaps are loaded with gloss enhancers and waxes which can alter the look of your wax or prevent some waxes and paint sealants from bonding. Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo features no gloss enhancers or waxes so it will not interfere with wax or sealant layers you may have on your paintwork or may be applying in the near future. This makes Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo the perfect choice when applying a new wax, sealant, or permanent paint coating.

Enjoy a great value every time you wash your car with the this premium soap. Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo is highly concentrated -you only need a couple of small capfuls for a 5 gallon wash bucket. Lather your car in ultra lubricated suds that float dirt away without scratching with Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo.

Directions for use:
  1. Remove lose dirt from the bodywork by rinsing with water from a hose or pressure washer.
  2. Add two to four capfuls of shampoo into a bucket of cold or warm water. Fill a second bucket with water so you can rinse your wash mitt or sponge frequently.
  3. Using your wash mitt or sponge, wash the car from top down, using a light pressure.
  4. Once you have washed the entire car, rinse thoroughly with an open end hose.
  5. Dry with a soft drying towel such as Guzzler Supreme Waffle Weave Drying Towel.
500 ml.
Made in the UK.

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Auto Finesse Lather Car Shampoo