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Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner

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Item Description:

Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner is an interior all purpose cleaner that easily cleans through the accumulation of grime, body oil, and soil that builds up in all car interiors. Despite its powerful cleaning action, Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner is gentle enough for regular use on plastic, fabric, vinyl, and soft-touch surfaces. Keep your interior clean, and looking new, with Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner.

A modern car's interior is covered in many great looking, yet delicate surfaces such as textured soft-touch synthetics, matte plastics, and coated trim. When clean these surfaces look great, yet they are easy to mark and can be damaged with harsh chemical solutions. Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner's mild formula aggressively removes embedded grime and ground-in dirt without drying out the surface. Because Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner wipes away cleanly, it leaves behind a natural finish that will not attract more soil.

You can use Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner on any interior surface. It works equally well on floor mats, carpeting, upholstery, dashboards, trim, plastics, vinyl, soft-touch materials, storage compartments, roof linings, and more! For most cleaning, a spray-and-wipe application is all that is needed. For areas with more aggressive soiling, light agitation with as soft brush will reveal your interior's natural beauty.

Directions for use:
  1. Shake well before use
  2. Apply a fine mist to the area, treating one section at a time
  3. Using a fresh, clean microfiber towel spread product evenly over the section
  4. If necessary agitate with a soft bristle interior cleaning brush, such as a Natural Tampico Upholstery & Carpet Scrub Brush
  5. Using a fresh, clean microfiber towel remove the solution and dry
500 ml.
Made in the UK.

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Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner